A Peek Inside My Own Closet

With my top 5 favorite closet organizing tips and tricks

Since I am a professional organizer, people are always curious about my closet. They say things like, “I bet your closet is immaculate,” or “your closet must be amazing.”

Ha. It’s a process for me just like everyone else. I have to discipline myself to put things away and not just leave my half-worn clothes on the chair like the rest of you!

There are a few tricks I’ve picked up along the way. Having a place for everything makes it easier to maintain your closet, as well as customizing your space for your life. Create zones and put clothes that fit your life right now front and center. It still takes discipline to not throw your clothes on the chair, though!

Today, I want to give you a behind the scenes tour of my closet with my top 5 favorite organizing tips that I put into action myself. 

1. Use space saving, matching hangers

I love these (Premium Non-Slip Velvet hangers from The Container Store ) because they keep things from slipping off the hanger and they really do take up a lot less space. But whatever hanger you like best, just make sure you pick one or two styles and go with it.

I use the velvet hangers for my shirts and dresses, but I use the wooden ones for my jackets and sweaters. Just, whatever you do — do not use those wire ones or 10 different types of random hangers! And while you’re at it, get those empty hangers out of there too – that wastes a ton of space and looks so messy!! Okay, I promise I’m done yelling now.

Group your clothing by type, i.e. pants together, casual shirts together, work dresses together. I like to organize them by type, then sleeve length, then color. I know it might sound extreme, but it truly helps you see what you have, which can add variety to your daily outfits and guidance to your shopping trips. You may discover a certain color or type of shirt you don’t need to buy again for awhile!

2. Store seasonal and special occasion shoes

I was not blessed with a ton of shelf space in my closet, so I switch my shoes out seasonally. And as much as I love seeing those fun sparkly heels, it’s not really practical to have them out all the time. But because they’re clearly labeled and accessible, I know where they are when I need them. Honestly, I get so excited about the change of seasons that I actually enjoy putting winter shoes away and bringing out all my summer ones. It’s like seeing old friends again. . . get out of here, winter boots, and oh hey, sandals!

I use the clear plastic shoe boxes from The Container Store. They stack easily and you can personalize them with your own labels. (These boxes are actually great for any area of your home.) It’s a really easy system to follow, I just turn them around according to the seasons and it takes up so much less space than having them all out all year. Plus, these boxes are so budget friendly and easy to clean.

3. Hang your handbags

Hanging bags and totes really helps keep them organized. This way they are not just flopping over on a shelf or getting all tangled up in a pile. I use binder rings or shower curtain rings to do this, but you can also buy S-hooks that are specifically made for this (at The Container Store, of course).

It helps that I have extra hanging space in my closet, but I find this so useful that I would build it into any new closet design. You could even put it behind glass doors to make it look really beautiful and keep the dust off everything.

In my dream closet, I would have a glass cabinet with hanging handbags and shelves for the smaller bags. . . and cabinet lights and a chandelier and a laundry room next door . . . as long as we’re talking about my dream closet, right? Anyway. . .

4. Display your jewelry

Blank spaces in closets are storage gold. Seek them out, behind your door, in corners, above doors and below windows. (I also hang hats as often as I can.) Hanging long necklaces keeps them from getting tangled, but it also makes them more likely to get worn. “Out of sight, out of mind” holds true in your closet as well. 

I made this jewelry organizer from an old canvas I had lying around that just happened to be the perfect size for my empty wall. I covered it with fabric and added gold hooks. It was super easy project, but there are lots of stylish pre-made options out there. The acrylic command hooks work great, and you can create your own configuration.

This arrangement definitely makes me appreciate my jewelry more and remember to wear it. And I don’t have any more meltdowns over tangled necklaces.

5. Plate racks or mail sorters for small bags and clutches.

This is an excellent way to store evening bags and clutches so they don’t get lost on a shelf. Otherwise, these would fall over and be all jumbled up on my shelf, and I would never remember what I have. It also makes your closet look like a high-end boutique when you show off your cute bags this way.

I have a plain white one, but you could do a gold, acrylic, or wooden one for an upgraded look. This one is from The Container Store, but you can find them anywhere, even the dollar store. Maybe even your own kitchen!

Bonus: the closet coffee bar

Surprise! This is the bonus favorite item in my closet, and I bet you weren’t expecting it. Maybe not everyone has a use for a coffee bar in their closet, but the point is that you might have room for something that is useful, or just makes you happy when you walk in your closet each morning. Think outside the box!

This empty space under the window was the perfect place to put a tabletop coffee bar. The drawers and cabinets underneath hold K-cups, but also other non-coffee related items, so we still use the space efficiently.

This way I don’t have to go downstairs and wake up the dog and everyone else who demands my attention (you know what I’m talking about, Moms). I can just go in my closet, have a cup of coffee while I get dressed, and start my day in a more relaxed mood. It just made sense for the way I live, so I made the space for it.

I hope some of these ideas will inspire you in your own closet. Thank you for touring my closet with me!